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Cardano to the moon?

#ADA/BTC ( Many exchanges )Buy Range : 1174-1200 Stop Loss : Daily close below 1090 ( Short-term ) / Not Recommend for Long-Term/Investors  Target 1 : 1480 Target 2 : 1926 Target 3 : 2745  Target 4 : 4100 ( Long-term / Holding ) Target 5 : 5000 ( Long-term / Holding )  4 H CHART : – Big Volume Spotted – Ichimoku…

Bitcoin (And 5 Other Cryptocurrencies) vs Value Of Banknotes & Coins In Circulation

Top 10 Currencies By Total Value Of Notes & Coins In Circulation At the time Bitcoin was worth more than all banknotes and coins of every currency in the world except the US Dollar, Euro, Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, and Indian Rupee. However, since Bitcoin’s price increase above $15,000, it now has a market cap of around $260 billion,…